We’re a Winston-Salem based, family owned business that came to be thanks to the dedication of one: Marlene Littell.

It was her passion for creating beautiful, memorable meals for friends, family and the community that sparked the concept that is now Five Loaves Catering.

For nearly two decades, her commitment to excellence has ensured that each new customer becomes a devoted client. From day one, it has been about the details – each dish features the finest ingredients; each platter makes a statement; and each menu is uniquely designed with respect to the individual client.

Simply put, she settles for nothing less than exceptional, and we sincerely believe that neither should you.

Today, our team of skilled chefs and support staff continue the tradition of excellence and responsible community advocacy by:

  • Actively sourcing from fine local purveyors and sustainable farmers;
  • Donating our time and unused products in support of local organizations;
  • The creation of innovative menu ideas through travel, farm visits, continuing education and inspirations from our clients.

Meet Our Core Team

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